Compounding Industries face following post production problems

Condensation in the pellets due to moist and high temperature output
because of which online packing is not possible.

Various equipment to handle pellets for storage and packing.

Conventional equipment consumes high energy, require frequent
maintenance, spares and also occupies lost of working area.

Vibratory Spiral Elevator is the only solution for the above

Natural Drying & Cooling of the pellets due to considerable resident time.

Relief from CONDENSATION caused due to immediate storage by conventional methods.

Vibratory forces ensures de-burring of cutting edges and also polishing of pellets.

Power saving (in some cases up to 12 hp per line)

Considerable floor area saving by utilizing vertical space.

On line packing is possible.

Maintenance free device.

Vibratory Spiral Elevator's most popular variant offers 3 in 1 facility in it's compact designbr

1> Vertical conveying.
2> Fines Separation.
3> Over Size particles separation.

Available in all material of constructions and finish.

Tailor made construction for
special purpose application can also be offered.