Swivel joints have double row of ball bearings which assures proper male- female alignment and prevents binding caused by temperature changes or heavy radial loads.

Each swivel joint is accurately CNC machined to highly close tolerances. Hence, micro finished and wide- spread row of ball bearing races provides increased load bearing capacity and also, long bearing life.


Spring balancing units are designed and developed for automatic and effortless control for loading arms.

Springs are made of specially treated vanadium spring steel of EN-47 having excellent fatigue resistance properties to ensure long life and dependable performance.


API bottom loading Coupler in accordance with API RP- 1004 is designed for effortless and leak-proof tight connection to the Tank Truck’s mating API Adapters.

The unit provides dependable and low maintenance service. The coupler contains 3 trigger mechanisms to prevent accidental opening of the valve and 5 interlock lugs for secure holding during loading operations.


Versatile and popular among all bottom loaders. Specifically designed for installations that are being converted from top loading to bottom loading, where loading space is limited. Long hose is used instead of rigid piping on the secondary arm for more flexibility. 4 nos. of swivel joints along with a long hose provides high flexibility and surpass handling comfort to the operators. It makes the connection more quickly so overall loading time is reduced. Hoses are lighter in weight with high flexibility. Specially designed, composite type hose having multilayer elastomeric material, suitable for 100% aromatics and constructed from the layers of polypropylene and polyester films and fabric. Helix wires in both inner and outer surfaces provide rigidity. Both ends of hose are swaged to carbon steel tailpieces with TTMA flanges. Spring balanced either by a Torsion spring or a Compression spring. Counter weighted loader is also available in same configuration. Dependable and low maintenance service.

JKTD Bottom Loading Arm

JKTD Bottom Unloading Arm

Scissor Arm

JKTD Top Loading Arm